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Hand curated artisanal spice blend.  Made in small batches and blended by hand. A unique blend reminiscent of street kabobs in Lebanon. Rich layers of thyme and oregano transport you to bazaars in Marrakech. You’ll want to give your burgers a boost, braise short ribs, sprinkle on veggies, and season your eggs with this spice. It is great on everything, fish, chicken, beef, veggies, popcorn and more!! Contains wheat, salt, sesame seeds

1.6 oz

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Mediterranean Spice Blend "The Prime Spice"

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  • Thyme, Sumac, Oregano, Salt, Sesame Seed, Semolina, Paprika, Pepper, Turmeric, Caraway Seed, Celery Seed, Vegetable Oil

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