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The Prime Ingredient

Original Mediterranean Spice Blend

"I literally use this spice on everything.  It sits right next to my salt and pepper."

~Joanne- Chicago, IL

"Even my kids will eat veggies now. Love it."

~Valerie, Studio City, CA

"I can finally make my food taste like the middle east place near my house."

~Suzanne- Covington, KY

"My BBQ loves this spice and so does my wife!"

~Ephrain- Pasadena, CA


Dr. P

The Prime Ingredient Original Mediterranean Spice Blend pays honor to my mom; the original chef of the family.  She blended her spices in our North Hollywood, CA kitchen for our everyday meals.  I loved the scents and flavors so much growing up, I knew that I had to share this with the world.  So I'm glad to give a little of my Lebanese culture from My Mom to you.  Enjoy.

Laura Pohopien- Dr. P- is a Wife, Mom and Professor of business. She is a Lebanese American chef who has shared over 20+ years of culinary joy including cooking shows, a cookbook, social media content and radio/TV appearances. Her cooking philosophy "one ingredient can make a difference" is the centerpiece in all the meals she creates.

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