Gourmet Ingredients

The Original Mediterranean Spice Blend by Dr. P

A mix of thyme, oregano, and proprietary spices. Blended in small batches in Glendora, CA
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I'm Laura Pohopien, aka Dr. P., a professor of business administration and a chef.


For over 20 years I've instructed thousands of would-be culinarians in the art of bringing delicious food to the table.


I have a prime-ingredient philosophy of cooking:

“one ingredient CAN make a difference" 


My original cooking show in 2003 aired nationally- and the latest adventure, The Prime Ingredient, airs on YouTube and Instagram

For fun, I'll log in a bakers dozen of running miles here and there!

Enjoy my take on home cooking for the new era.



Watch Dr. P make a delicious roast turkey using Unsalted Butter by Kerrygold as The Prime Ingredient

Dr. P uses premium Dijon Mustard from France to form a delicious crust

Watch Dr. P as she makes a traditional middle eastern platter of little bites. 

Dr. P makes sweet and spicy chicken wings with a honey mustard sauce

Dr. P creates a delicious pickles and onions hot dog topping

Watch Dr. P make a special bourbon smash drink for the holidays served with a bourbon pastry appetizer

Dr. P shows you 3 Prime Ingredients for 3 different soups

Dr. P uses chocolate to set a beautiful charcuterie board and shares her famous chocolate truffle recipe

Dr. P shows you how to make a fancy sounding french pastry dessert

Dr. P kicks off Season 2 of the show with the launch of her own spice blend, literally great on anything you want to add a savory kick to

Enjoy a backyard picnic in the fall with a pressed sandwich, Jenwey Tea, and a beautiful backyard set up by Basket To Blanket.