Gourmet Ingredients

The Original Mediterranean Spice Blend by Dr. P

"The Prime Spice"
is a mix of proprietary spices. Blended in small batches in Glendora, CA
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I'm Laura Pohopien, aka Dr. P., a professor of business administration and a chef.


For over 20 years I've instructed thousands of would-be culinarians in the art of bringing delicious food to the table.


I have a prime-ingredient philosophy of cooking:

“one ingredient CAN make a difference" 


My original cooking show in 2003 aired nationally- and the latest adventure, The Prime Ingredient, airs on YouTube and Instagram

For fun, I'll log in a bakers dozen of running miles here and there!

Enjoy my take on home cooking for the new era.



Season 2 And the launch of my Prime Spice 
Great savory blend that goes on ANYTHING

Tried and VERY TRUE recipe for THE BEST Prime Rib Ever!

Hummus is the headliner for this platter

A different kind of pickled relish.  Featuring the Prime Spice

My Hands-Down Best Soup Recipes

Sweet and Spicy and all things nicey!

Ya, it's a fancy-sounding french pastry dessert, don't worry, it's easy

Cooking with the Prime Spice is Super Easy

Lebni on Toast with Prime Spice

Braised Carrots and Zucchini
with Prime Spice

Lebanese Rice with Prime Spice

Gnocchi with Brown Butter Sage, Tomato,
Basil, and Prime Spice

Complex and Savory Mediterranean Flavors
blended in a Za'atar base. 
Like nothing you've tasted before.  

Contains wheat and salt